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Pink October 2016
Center for the Prevention and Health of Women and Children, Fianarantsoa

During the “Pink October” awareness month, the NGO La Vita Per Te and the Akbaraly Foundation carried out a vast Prevention Campaign for breast and uterine cancer in the Haute Matsihatra region and its surroundings. During this month, all the women who came to the Health Center known as “Rex” had the opportunity to have a mammogram and a Pap test done for free.

The managers and the staff of the Rex, who all the patients and the women present consider “extremely professional” for their kindness and their know-how, never stopped improving the quality of the services offered and increasing the number of the awareness campaigns dedicated to the women of the Haute Matsihatra region. The results obtained during the Pink October this year are nothing but the coronation of many years of effort and work to fight against female cancers.

The Pink October celebration is now coming to an end, the Rex is all in pink, everything we see is pink. “When we started hearing about cancer”, admit the women while they wait for their exams, “we were really scared. But when we walked into the Rex, we finally felt safe and ready to fight this disease. The reason why we are here, even though today is the last day of the Pink October, is because we really want to have a mammogram and a Pap test, and we are really lucky because we can do that for free here”.

“We are scared of going to the doctor”, says a woman, “especially when we think we might discover such a terrible disease, but the reason why we are here is because, thanks to the Rex, we managed to overcome those fears. In short, we really do worry about our health now; we love our families. We are really lucky to have this place"

All the women involved in the awareness campaigns should convince two more women to come to the Rex for a mammogram and Pap test: just like the staff of the Center, in fact, we all need to be involved in a large campaign to raise awareness, which is extremely important for the development of our country. To end the Pink October in style, the women of the Haute Matsihatra region met up on Sunday, 29 October, in the hall of the basement of the Rex, for a Zumba lesson. During this event, a raffle with many different prizes was organized for all the women who participated in the Pink October activities and who had their mammograms and Pap tests done. The event was cheerful and fun, and everybody was anxiously waiting to see who had won. The first lot, a pair of pink sandals, went to a lady all dressed in pink; the last one, a pink cellphone, went to a lady who lives 40 km away from Fianarantsoa, who was really excited because it was the first time she had ever used a phone.


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