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On the 8th of December, the Akbaraly Foundation and the NGO La Vita per Te’s team carried out a mission in the small village of Soatanana, 50 kms away from Fianarantsoa and over 3 hours away thanks to the terrible condition of the track. Here live the community called the “Disciples of the Lord”, where every person, man, woman or child, only wear long white tunics.

The awareness campaign, in collaboration with FISA, took place in a Basic Health Center (called CSB II). Once there, the team immediately started the awareness raising activities and involved all the women in attendance, which were quite a few. Thanks to the team’s efforts, we managed to perform 43 Pap-tests to prevent uterine cancer and 50 breast exams to prevent breast cancer.

A lot of women participated in our activities, even though almost half of them had to leave early because of the lack of security and of proper transportation: therefore, they had to walk all the way home, often a few kilometers away from the actual village. Nevertheless, they were all very interested in our campaign as well as their own health, to the point that they asked if our next campaign can be carried out over the course of two days, so that more of them can participate in it.


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